‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’: Rip-Roaring Fan Screening Inside the at Star Wars Celebration


The players and crew series Disney+ only received a festive applause, after debuting the first two episodes.

The first day of the Star Wars celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center ended Thursday night with a festive applause and excitement when fans gathered for the premiere of the Disney+series, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Announced earlier that day at the Lucasfilm studio showcase, lucky fans were treated to a special shock screening from the first two episodes of the show, along with the cast and crew.

“This is also our screening,” Director of Deborah Chow told many people, Rejan together with the whistle and applause of Arena. “For everyone who works on this event, and for all those who support the people who work on this event, thank you.”

The room was full of excitement, when the audience wore the Jedi robe and the Mandalorian armor waited on the edge of their chairs for the screening of the film. Those who are strong enough with the strength (or just lucky) to print the bracelet to enter completely dancing in the hallway before the lights go out. On the star of Ewan McGregor and Chow’s appearance on the stage, the room exploded in a cheers

“And we all want to say thank you, fans, the best fans of every fan in the world,” McGregor gushed on the stage. “It’s been a long time to come to this time, and we will show you. We can’t be more happy. ”

“Hopefully the strength with you, always” added the Obi-Wan actor.

Obi-Wan saw the return of McGregor and Hayden Christensen (who played Skywalker’s children to change Darth Vader) to the Star Wars galaxy, coming from 17 years absent from the character. While playing the master and in all prequel, the couple developed bonds outside their own cameras-which they liked to turn back again years later.

“Over the years, we have never met that many,” McGregor told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, before the film screening. “I think it’s recently, we are a kind of lost contact. And this has brought us back together again, which is very good. ”

The series began ten years after the episode three, where Order 66 saw Jedi Order destroyed and the resurrection of Darth Vader. In Obi-Wan, former Jedi’s master faced a cruel Vader, who was determined to get rid of all Jedi from the galaxy. But just like Skywalker is no longer who he used to be, Kenobi has also changed – “I’m not the man you remember,” he said in the first episode.

“For me, it is one of the most interesting things about this project is that we tell a story with the same character, but they are at a very different point in their lives,” Chow told THR. “That is a very interesting thing to explore and develop is, you know, where are they right now?” Chow, who directed all six episodes, led the series after previously directing two Mandalorian episodes.

But heading to such a business does not come without “a little pressure.” Chow added, “This is clearly one of the more challenging aspects of this project is the inheritance aspect and the fact that we are in the middle of the canon, but I think come here to celebrate – which is my first experience – with that – with the event, finally, It is very encouraging to feel the energy of the fans. This is why we do it. ”

Moses Ingram also joined the commotion as Reva, an inquisitor was determined to do anything to hunt down Kenobi. “It’s really fun because the thing about being a criminal is that he doesn’t believe he is bad,” said Ingram. “He only believes he does his job. And I think that’s what drives it. ”

This series emerged after years of speculation among fans over the potential of Obi-Wan’s spin-offs. “It will be a film at one point, [then] to be a TV show,” McGregor said about the development of the event. “And then Deborah Chow came as our director, and he was really brilliant. We are lucky to make him tell all this through his voice, through all six episodes. So it feels like a big and long film for me. ”

Christensen added, “You know, obviously, my time in the prequel was spent with my child and at the end of episode three, I had to make my feet a little wet with Darth Vader. But now, to return and really throw myself at the character Darth Vader just made my trip with this character feel much more complete. And I want to do more with that. ”

Throughout the playback, the first two episodes met with constant cheers and applause from the excited crowd. The emergence of Jimmy Smits repeated his role as Senator Bail Organa received a scream and shouting round, while Cameo for a moment from Star Wars: The Clone Wars met with panting from the crowd – “That was crazy,” said a fan in the audience.

After debuting, the players and crew – including McGregor, Chow, Christensen and Smits – received a festive applause from the crowded arena. The actress who stole the scene of Vivien Lyra Blair, who played the young Princess Leia Organa in this series, also rushed to the stage, embracing her friends.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is streaming now at Disney+


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