of a Pandemic-Forced Hiatus ‘Atlanta,’ ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ and ‘Russian Doll’ EPs on the Benefits


A certain number of television series have taken years of leave between the seasons thanks to the production stops – but according to the creatives, this break made their feedback even stronger.

The Emmy Slate of last year were programs that had drawn the attention of the television academy, many of which were forced from an interruption because of COVID-19. The best call from AMC, nominated for the best drama each year between 2015 and 2020, was MIA, just like the euphoria and the succession of HBO, which both won the Trophies at home in 2020. Also out of competition , Atlanta de FX, Barry de HBO, Amazon’s the Marvelous Mme La Poupée Ozark and Russian de Maison and Netflix – all the titles whose production hours have been affected by the pandemic.

This year, in a crowded field of hundreds of scripted contenders, many shows come back from a long break after the Safety Protocols COVID-19 have brought them back. Among the many series after the hiatus are Atlanta (it was 45 months between the seasons two and three), the Russian doll (38 months between the seasons one and two) and the precious stones of HBO (26 months between the seasons one and two) – Three comedies that hope that their prolonged absences will not work against their chances of Emmy.

“When a long time ago between the seasons, it certainly does not work in your favor,” explains Danny McBride, creator, Showrunner and Star Danny McBride. The Televangelist comedy was closed on its second day of production in March 2020 – months ahead of a large part of the show’s mega -church scenes in a Charleston Coliseum, in South Carolina, that production takes over during the slow period of the room.

Like most optimists, McBride thought that COVVI-19 locking could last only a few weeks. But while the pandemic was raging, he realized that the window to finish the second season closed quickly.

The agitation of McBride during the period resulted in a script for a special Christmas of precious stones – a feature film that would see his precious jesse stone during a missionary trip to Haiti with his son Gideon – but the idea was Deleted while COVID-19 continued to climb in South Carolina, where she would have filmed. With the hope of returning to production in 2021, McBride said he had sat and “opened” the scripts of season two. “It gave us the opportunity to give them a level of rewriting that you generally do not have time [for] because you write in production,” says McBride, adding that “the essence” of the second season is The same remained, but he cut the fat by cutting characters to make room to explore the arc of the season more effectively. “We rewrite a lot, but we could always use more time. This is the only thing Covid has given us: a little more time. »»

Russian Doll’s producer and director Alex Buono said that the writing team of his program also took advantage of the production break. “The show tries to tackle these great existential ideas”, explains Buono of the co-created series and with Natasha Lyonne, whose character, Nadia, spends the first season to relive her birthday again and again until what ‘She finds her way to a time loop. Suddenly, in their own existential limbo, the writers spent nine months to ride the second season, which sees Nadia traveling in time via the New York metro system.

Buono says that the additional time has also helped them understand the logistics of metro scenes. “We have spent months working with our production designer, our director of photography and our house of visual effects, speaking of the way the devil to do this,” says the EP, knowing that filming on Place in metro stations would be too complicated. These sequences were finally filmed on a scene, with “visual effects” surrounding a metro car.

The first of the third season of Atlanta gives off the confidence that EP Stephen Glover (brother of the creator and star of the star of Donald Glover), winner of an Emmy, when he spoke of the return of his program. With an intrigue that excludes the four main actors in the series, the episode recalls the idiosyncratic ambition of Atlanta.

“I was probably too confident,” said Stephen Glover, responding to how the new season was received, noting that the limited screen time of the main distribution was polarizing among the fans of the show.

Unlike McBride and Buono, Glover maintains this season is almost exactly how it was designed when the writers finished the scripts in the fall of 2019. “Many people probably think that the idea of ​​not using the casting was linked To making or planning [problems], but that’s how it has always been, “he said. “I think it was quite difficult and unique to feel fresh even after a one -year production period.”

McBride, Buono and Glover all say they were wondering if viewers would return when their shows did. “I think if we were showing a streamer, I would be worried,” explains McBride. “This is what is so intimidating about television right now: there are so many. I know how much work is going in all this and how difficult it is for things to cut.”


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